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Radio BlueToad Vol.1 – March 2016

Radio BlueToad is a series of monthly compilations of artists whose work is featured, supported and endorsed by BlueToad EclectroMediaBlog, a Montreal based music promotion and distribution initiative. At the moment, BlueToad consists of MissRoBee (Ann Robitaille) and DanleMiel (Daniel Guimond), two Montreal mulitmedia artists, composers and musicians, who are reaching out to original indie musical artists from France and Québec, but welcome artists from the world to submit their playlists for future consideration and projects.

At Radio BlueToad, every month, we aim to assemble tracks from our collaborators and featured artists, in order to reach a wider audience, and web radios as well as commercial radios with the work of francophone artists, all of which also work in English, but also Italian and Spanish, etc. We are World Music oriented blog, with an emphasis on French songwriting and it’s applications to all styles and sub-styles of music.

For this Volume 1, of March 2016, on which the emphasis was ‘rock, poprock and electropop’, without a specific theme as such: We have connected the dots between IMRE LODBROG, HUGE, VINCENT CHANSONS BLEUES, MISSROBEE and DANLEMIEL.

IMRE LODBROG is a French composer and songwriter from France in his 60’s, who has a catalog of more than 3k songs that span 50 years of carreer. His work ranges from folk, acoustic, to rock, poprock, and ballads. Imre Lodbrog as a guitarist has a distinct sound that separates his work from that of many in the same field. His voice which can be close to Dylan in English and Serge Gainsbourg in french in undeniably an important feature of contemporary french rock, even though he has never had time to promote it.  His work is a rollercoaster ride between french and english, acoustic to electric, simple to eclectic, without a hitch.

Ensuite, we have asked HUGE, a very young french composer, musician and vocal artist whose work also spans many styles. From his pop HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, which is second on the album, to his rock and rap tracks interspaced between styles and tones, there are oceans of separation, even though on every track we recognise his mature well tempered vocals.

VINCENT CHANSONS BLEUES, with two solid tracks, sort of balances things out. first with EVEREST, 10th on the album, is an intricate experimental 10 minute alternative rock track that sets the stage for a notable change in tempo and feeling within the album. The lyrics are absolutely wonderful, melancolic and yearn for understanding. And as a last track, his LA PHOTO JAUNIE takes us to the front door on our way out, back to ordinary life. If that still exists somewhere?!

Fourth and fifth artists on this collaborate effort, – yet not least, we discover MissRoBee through the lens of some of her english tracks, as well as her collaborations with DanleMiel. On this album, the duo shares their contemporary classics such as AN ZÉRO, and TRAPTANGO LA VIE, which are jewels of french and english, trap, electropop, and french chansons.

If there is a common thread throughout these tracks, it is an unreductible desire to travel inwards together in search of our own inner ear. The lyrics are always well written and complex enough as far as the listener is concerned, that they send us in search for the written lyrics on the site, in case we misunderstood something. What I am trying to say here, is that french songwriters have a long tradition of not so simple songs, and that the artists herewith are stakeholders of this tradition. These are not just: ‘I love you yeah yeah yeah’ songs, the lyrics are literary works in themselves.

BlueToad EclectroMediaBlog – March 17, 2016. Montréal.


À propos de DanleMiel Guimond

DanleMiel (Daniel Guimond): artiste, auteur, né en 1959 à Montréal. Partenaire de MissRoBee (Ann Robitaille).

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